2018: Using Google, I visited the homes I have lived in over my time.



2018: I went to visit Auschwitz and these were my thoughts at that time.

20th Anniversary

2018: The 3rd of Feb was the 20 year anniversary of me arriving in Melbourne - 20 happy years.


Up and Sky

2017: Taking pictures both of the sky and also looking up at things.

Time Machine

2017: I chose the 100 journeys I would take once I finish my new time machine.



2017: I headed over to Western Australia to interact with quokkas on Rottnest Island.

My Quote

2016: My collection of people-word photos that spelled out my quotation.



2016: I headed off to Chengdu to fulfill a life-long dream and finally meet some pandas.


2016: I went to Williamstown and took a sea plane that showed me Melbourne from the sky.



2015: a 100 day countdown towards a certain date that may or may not be interesting to anyone.


2014: so many words - so why not select some favourites? From songs, movies, poems, speeches etc.


100 Days of Happiness

2014: My version of this popular idea - each day acknowledging why I'm happy.


For my amusement, when things annoy me, then I fine the offending people.



2014: A three month blog of people's right eyes. I kinda liked it, but stopped when I went overseas on holiday.

Photo Bumming

2014: whilst in Barcelona, I started collecting images of some bottoms that were encountered.



2012: I captured images of faces of friends, colleagues, statues and celebs.


2012: Whilst in Europe, I started capturing the images of doors. And why not?



2012: I took photos from my journey as I went along my merry way - showing where I've been and who I've been there with.


2011: I maintained a blog of each coffee that I had using the medium of photos.



2008: When I arrived in Australia, I tried to get an understanding of the indigenous issues that existed then as they do today. I came up with this.


2008 version: I used to maintain a list that was sort of my charter for life. It had learnings and behaviours and reminders that I tried to keep in mind.


Time Capsule

2007: I decided to create a time capsule with information about me and my world and the people I know. This is the result.

Top 10 albums

2007: I decided to determine my top 10 albums based upon favourites from previous times.



2005: In response to meeting some new folk and them wondering about my past, I put together a little biography with some photos to give a sense of who I have been.


My letters to English football clubs, Australian AFL clubs, other sporting clubs and a dabble in Australian politics.



I did try and maintain a blog for a while, but it isn't really active anymore - I just can't be bothered.


Every now and then, I capture some image on film and then add them to YouTube to share them. This is a link to some of them.